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William Hung: Inspiration

If you must hear this unlikely American Idol, here it is William Hung's
Inspiration (includes Bonus DVD) a collectable just because it is so bad. Well then again, may be because just once in a while the under dog catches the brass ring.

Bostonboy, review

Richard Lewis: Live From Hell

Live From Hell, Richard Lewis's first comedy CD release. Mel Brooks says, "Richard Lewis may just be the Franz Kafka of modern day comedy."

"I've always done stand-up based on my need for acceptance, and after thousands of shots on TV, and playing Carnegie Hall, and doing all those specials, this time I'm doing it just for me and the people who want to see me. I've just been doing it for that. I mean, it's fun. I've looked in the Oxford English Dictionary, and "fun" came back in. It was sort of like one of those sightings of the Virgin Mary in a 7-11." - Richard Lewis

From Richard Lewis’s book The Other Great Depression:

“I now believe in miracles and in a God. The biggest part of getting my soul back was the jump-start provided by my best friends. They finally had the nerve to slam the door on my sickness and tell me in no uncertain terms that if I couldn't stop killing myself, they at least wouldn't watch me do it anymore. I love you guys. I love you guys. I love you guys.

So, I'm still the Prince of Pain, but I've got my life and (lucky me) even my old shrink back. I love her too. God, I hope she doesn't overanalyze that.

I'm still a lunatic, but I'm a recovering lunatic. My life is crazier, yet happier and more productive than ever before. Shit happens all the time but what a pleasure that I don't create most of it anymore. What a pleasure it is to just try to do the right thing and see what happens. What a joy to feel free of the prison of alcohol abuse! How happy I am to finally let nature take its course. No more enemas for me. I like a good bowel movement with the best of them but only if it's meant to be. It's out of my hands, so to speak.”

Stand-up is not an easy art form and it takes an artist that has lived and honed his metal; Richard Lewis is such an artist. I highly recommend his CD, Live From Hell and his book The Other Great Depression.

Live From Hell [Live] [Explicit Lyrics]

Richard Lewis's book:
The Other Great Depression

Bostonboy, review

Jackie "Moms" Mabley:

Loretta Mary Aiken a.k.a. Moms Mabley had thirteen albums hit the charts, but only a handful have made it past vinyl to CD. Moms Mabley was one of the Queens of the Vaudevillian Circuit. Her down home humor and “salty” language rates right up there with Redd Foxx and LaWanda Page. I have fond memories of my parents, and relatives gathered in the living room around the Hi-Fi doubled over in tears and laughter. If you love standup comedy At the U.N. [IMPORT] is a must have in any collection.

Bostonboy, review




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