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Malcolm, Ryan: Home

Ryan Malcolm is a Canadian Pop Star on the rise, a vocal talent, and a solidly good one too. The “Home” CD is very enjoyable and will be added to my collection; though on first hearing I thought a few tracks were over produced. Keep an eye and both ears on this fellow, a solid talent from north of the border. Home

Bostonboy, review

Boston: Corporate America

Boston’s first album in eight years debuts on Billboard at #42. It has the classic Boston rock sound from the 70’s with a twist. In Corporate America, Scholz’s lets his social conscience come through in his music. There is an addition he adds the sounds of singer Kimberly Dahme. Scholz has always wanted to add a female voice to the mix. He discovered her performing in a Boston club. "It was just dumb luck that we found her." It’s nice to see Boston back on the charts. Check it out it is a must add to any Boston collection. Corporate America

Bostonboy, review

Cassidy, Eva: vocalist

On November 1996 at the age of 33, the voice of Eva Cassidy was silenced before her haunting soulful sounds could find a wide audience outside of her native Washington, D.C. area. Songbird is an excellent sample of her style and talent. Her phrasing and vocal interpretations are a joy to the soul. Check out Songbird you will not be disappointed.

Bostonboy, review

Club Floor Classics: The 70's Various Artists

This is one of the tightest collections of disco music on one CD that I have come across. No, this is not your run of the mill commercialize, dump it on the market CD. A lot of care went into putting this together and I highly recommend it. This is a rare find that you will not be disappointed with. I even use this one to plow through my morning workout. Here comes that sound again, yeah baby.
Club Floor Classics: The 70's Various Artists

Bostonboy, review

Evora, Cesaria:

A native of the island nation of Cape Verde, Cesaria Evora is known as the country's foremost practitioner of the morna style, which is strongly associated with the islands and combines West African percussion with Portuguese fados, Brazilian modhinas, and British sea shanties. Evora began singing morna at age 16 after meeting an attractive young guitarist. Her talent soon had her performing all over the islands, and in the late '60s, two of her radio tapes were released as albums in the Netherlands and Portugal, respectively. However, Evora never left her country, and gave up singing in the mid-'70s owing to lack of profit. In 1985, at the age of 45, she decided to return to music and traveled to Portugal to record two songs for an anthology of female Cape Verdean singers. This led to subsequent recording sessions in Paris, which resulted in four albums from 1988 to 1992. Her international fame grew, and she toured Europe, Africa, Brazil, and Canada, with stops in the United States to perform for Cape Verdean audiences. In the fall of 1995, she mounted her first large-scale American tour; subsequent recordings include 1997's Cabo Verde [Expanded] and 1999's Mar Azul and Cafe Atlantico [RCA].

Now a certified international star, the new millennium didn't see any loss of momentum for the singer and she continued to record and tour the globe. Her 2001 release, Sao Vicente, featured numerous collaborations, including appearances from Bonnie Raitt, Orquesta Aragón, and Brazilian superstar Caetano Veloso. Already a well televised figure in Europe, her growing popularity in North America led to an appearance on The David Letterman Show and a DVD release, Live in Paris.

Steve Huey, review

Duval, Frank: worldbeat

Frank Duval is a new find for me. I have been looking into music outside of the standard North American venue; music is universal and it is really regrettable we are not exposed to more of the treasures that never seem to make it to our shores. Duval is one of those treasures even though all but two of the songs are in German this is an excellent album. I was really taken by his rendition of “Give me your Love” on Spuren: Songs & Sounds.

Bostonboy, review




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